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Hey SCOM Agent just install your self , please !

11 Feb


The last time I notice more and more SCOM 2012 Agent installation fails. Where the SCOM 2007 agent installs fine the SCOM 2012 agent has troubles.

There are plenty of guides on the web but none fixed my problem.

1. Problem:

During the SCOM 2012  agent install (push or manual) the install fails with error 25211 Failed to install performance counters. Error Code: -2147024809


2. Analyze

When looking at the deployment log (search for value 3) I noticed that the component failing was the APM module. Secondly it has something to do with registering performance counters. ; – )

3. Solution

When you look on the web you will find as a possible solution KB2554336. Following this article you are rebuilding your performance counters. At my case this rebuild was successful but the agent install still failed. So …

My analyze concluded the setup stopped at the APM module. So why ‘not’ install this module ? I know the server where I am going to install the agent never is going to use this module. How do we do this ? You can do this by supplying the parameter: NOAPM=1

1) On the failed sever open CMD as admin.

2) Copy the agent install files to this server.

3) start the install with :

msiexe /i momagent.msi NOAPM=1

You will notice the installation was successful!!

4. The end

Finally you can use the ops hack in scom db to set this agent from manual to pushed install so it will be patched also.

Happy Scomming,

Michel Kamp