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VSAE Adding Binary Resource Features

6 Nov


Hi , As I’m on age my memory sometimes lets me alone/ So this post is for my own purpose and since I am sharing it also for you. Not saying you are out aged …. ; –)

So this post is short and fast..


One of the greatest new features of the schema 2.0 in combination with VSAE is the binary resource distributions. Using this feature you want to include a binary file that will be used in your OM12 SCHEMA 2.0 MP. You want this binary file to be available on the agent where the workflow runs. So do the steps below.

1) Add your resource to the project:

Drag your binary to the MP project. For this example I used a .ZIP file.


Most important: Do NOT forget to set it to “Embedded Resource” !!

2) Add your resource to the MP:


3) How to reference it in your workflows

Now you want to know where this binary resource is put at the agent, correct ? Use the $FileResource tag. The example below fills the Value element with the runtime path where the binary is standing.


This FileResource\Path parser is very handy. Because you must know that every time the MP is updated or the agent is restarted the resource path will change.

In runtime this Value element will be filled with for example: (running on the MS server)

C:\Program Files\System Center 2012\Operations Manager\Server\Health Service State\Monitoring Host Temporary Files 4249\194\xxxxxxxx.zip


Happy scomming.

Michel Kamp