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SCOM and Excel a perfect couple.

25 Nov

This time I will do a post on retrieving SCOM data into Excel. In a previous blog post series I talked about how to process SCOM data into pivot tables. See: https://michelkamp.wordpress.com/category/powerpivot/ But you had to use direct SQL query’s to get this data. So this is what I wanted to eliminate. Also I wanted to get SCOM data from more than one management group using different credentials and only over an SDK connection.

So… can I make you lucky today ?

I programmed a prototype in a C# EXCEL sheet that will do all the work. You will have 1 sheet that will contain all the MNG and SCOM data you want to retrieve.  After you press the ‘refresh’ button all the SCOM data will be retrieved and put into a new created worksheet with the given name. You can also use the auto refresh for a , for example , every 1 minute refresh. Now you can make your pivot or graph from the data. The nice part is that you will only have to have excel and this plugin installed. NO SQL connections and NO faulty SQL query’s.

The beating heart “the connection” sheet:

Every row in this sheet contains the MNG connection and the data you want to get. This is done by using the SDK SCOM query language (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb437603.aspx). In the Type column you specify the type of data you want to receive. For now you can choose : Alert , Objects , Performance.


Now if you press on Refresh every row is processed the MNG group is connected and the data query is executed. The output is written into a new created sheet with the name that you typed into the SheetName column.


If you go to the , for example , MonitoringObjects sheet you will see all SCOM targets with their healthstate. This is because the Query is “HealthState > 0”.

The sheet will look like this:


Next  you can use this data as input for everything you want. For example a pivot table that summaries the health of the targets.


Or make an dashboard:



Using Excel with SCOM data this way you can create and display every output need you want. And even better what your boss want.  Just give your boss a prepared sheet and let excel do the work. No “he can you give me this today “ or “can you put a other label on this table” ect..

The End

The first nice part is that if you set the auto refresh all the pivot tables used in any sheet is updates also. Imagine that you can create a ‘real time’ excel dashboard and put this full screen on the wall.

The second nice part is that I will SHARE this sheet !! 😉 Just drop me a mail or put a note on this post and I will send it to you. Remember its still a prototype but you can customize it as wish.

Happy Scomming.

Michel Kamp