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SCOM Console Hidden Feature ??

21 May

A really short post. A member of a NOC operations team reported a problem with his SCOM console.

The Problem.

Using the operations native console and opening a windows computer state view resulted in gray computer targets.



Normally when for example the computer targets are gray you know it’s a gent connectivity problem or the MS health service is stalled / crashed.  But this time non of this was true. Looking at the agents and MS states its was all green and okay.

The solution

First the root cause was assumed to be the computer of the NOC operator. Yes I have rebooted it twice and I have installed all the patches was the first response Knipogende emoticon  . But however I am running Windows 8. Okay .. could this be the case ?… After a while of figuring out what could be the problem we detected that on other NOC computers the problem was also reproduced. And yes now we had found the problem .. And what do you think ? If you have a target state view (for example the windows computer view) and you personalize this view and remove the State column you will facing the problem above. So we added the State Column again and the problem was fixed.


The End

Of course you can ask you’re self why remove the state column it’s a very important one. Lets say the most important one in a state view…. I have ask it my self’s but I think it was a human error by mistake and not noticed earlier… But the question remains this still looks like a bug in the SCOM console.. What do you think ?

Happy Scomming