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Goodbye iPhone, hello my old friend

23 Dec

So yes I did it, seen it and done it! It all began with getting a new company car. This ‘state of the art’ electric car had a multimedia system that wouldn’t let me import the telephone contacts from my Lumina Windows phone. However the manufacture states it has to use a specific Bluetooth protocol and my Windows phone has it, it still wouldn’t work. So I was wondering if an iPhone was working. I borrowed an iPhone 5s from a collage. To keep this Bluetooth chapter part short “also the iPhone didn’t work”. So conclusion is the multimedia system isn’t as good as they say. But never less I was curious why everybody wanted an iPhone. So I decided to drop my windows phone and try the iPhone for a while. My kids have an iPad mini my wife an iPad 3 and I have (somewhere) an old iPad 1. So I am not a noob on how the apple interface should work. Yes I must admit it has (for now) more apps in the store but the one’s I use daily where also on my windows phone. Yes the design is okay too. But NO to:

  • the battery live time , had several occasions it should had wake me up with the alarm but it didn’t because the battery was dead. Yes I charge it daily. My windows phone could easily stay up for an extra night without a charger. This due to the battery safe mode!
  • the user interface, I really can’t get used to the interface. Yes I am a Windows guy so maybe that’s the problem, I also had problems with the MAC OS when I tried that for a while. I really LOVE the windows phone Metro interface. It’s fresh and giving me a one eye shot of the most important information I want to see. Especially the notification center (thank you Microsoft) is a winner. (tip for Microsoft: next time release it with the first windows phone version you release)
  • drop proof, I have accidentally dropped my windows phone several times on the floor. I could pick it put and continue without any damage. Looking at the iPhone i would never never try this out..
  • working better together, Yes I am a Microsoft guy, I work daily with Microsoft products. A Windows Phone just integrates better with my Windows computer on working / sharing documents and data. Yes I know for example OneDrive is available for the iPhone, I tried it but it was not working as expected. And yes I know probably not due to the iPhone but probably due to the app, but I (and you) must admit: would Apple release an Apple app for the Windows Phone? So good job Microsoft to also provide native apps on other platforms.

After 2 months using the iPhone my hands began to sweat and I was going to be more and more wising my old Windows phone back. Yesterday after 3 month of trying the iPhone at daily base I made my mind up and concluded the iPhone wasn’t made for me. I gave it a fair change but YES YES finally I have my Windows Phone back!!


Happy SCOMING Windows Phone’ing,

Michel Kamp

How To: Configure the Phone 7 Native SCOM Console

5 Jan

Since begin march there is a Phone 7 SCOM console availably in the phone 7 marketplace. This phone 7 app makes it possible to view/manage Alerts , States and Performance data form you existing SCOM management group. This all without any additional installation on your site. Great isn’t it!! . How’s this done. ?? Since the native SDK client isn’t supported on the Phone 7 platform I used a proxy translator service. This proxy is placed into to (AZURE) cloud. So the phone 7 app can access this could proxy and the proxy will access your SCOM SDK service to get the requested data.

BTW: There is a trial  version of this app that’s has full functionality but all data is limited by 5 records,shows ‘buy me’ popup messages and the app will work for 20days.


Now this explained I will give some walk trough :

1) Preparing your SCOM management group:

    1. Publish the SDK service port to the internet. This can be done in ISA or any other firewall by making a outbound rule for port 5724 of your RMS server.
    2. Test if you successfully have done step 1 by opening a CMD an type :
      Telnet <published external IP> 5724
      This should give you a empty screen. If it gives you a time-out your should check step 1 again.

2) Configuring the Phone 7 app:

    1. Download the SCOM console from the marketplace.
      1. on your phone open the marketplace app and search for “opsmgr scom console”
      2. Click on the app and select Try (or buy).
      3. wait till the app is downloaded and installed.
    2. Open the app by pressing on the Icon below.

Small mobile app tile

3. Once started it will bring you to the settings menu.

The first page shown will be the “SCOM SDK” page.

This will be also the only page you will have to change. All other settings are not needed.

2-10-2011 9-01-51 AM

Now change the :

Address: to the <published external IP> that you configured and tested in step 1 of “Preparing your SCOM management group”.

UserName: specify the scom user that has right to logon to scom. This is normally the same user you use for the original native scom console logon.

Domain: The user domain this user is living.

Password: self explaining….

Now press on the “Test SDK LOGON” and wait till a popup message shows you “Logon to SDK SUCCESS”.

And you are ready to rumble….

3) Using the SCOM console app:

In the main screen press in the menu on the “logon” sign. (you can do this automatically by configure the ‘auto login in the setting page’).
Wait till you get a popup.
Now you will be in the main menu.

2-10-2011 8-49-17 AM



3.1 Showing Alerts:

Now press the ‘Alert view’ to view alerts.
The alert page will be loaded.
Now Press on the top one of the colored radio buttons. So if you want to see all alerts of the configures period (see setting page) you press the gray ‘all’ one.
Below in the status bar there will be a ‘loading’ message and a ‘ready’ and ‘count’ message when the alerts are loaded.

See a example below:

2-10-2011 8-51-21 AM

Now you can scroll though the alerts press on one. Once selected you can scroll/wipe to the next screen to see the properties and health model.

TIP: You can see if the alert was generated by a Rule of Monitor by looking for the words “monitor / rule” in the overview or properties page.

TIP: Also you can go directly to all related target performance counters by scroll/wipe to the “actions” screen and select “show performance counters”

TIP: You can close the alert in the actions page.


2-10-2011 8-52-02 AM2-10-2011 8-52-34 AM



3.2 Showing target states:

Go back to the main menu to look at the states.
Press on the “State View”  button.
The same workflow as above is applied.
Press on one of the colored radio buttons to get the targets with the selected health state.




Now you can select one and scroll/wipe to the health explorer ect…


3.3 Showing performance:

Go back to the main menu to look at the performance.
Press on the “Performance View”  button.
Type a part of the counter name you want to display. And below type a part of the target name.

For example type in the “type Counter Name here” : processor time
and for “Type target name here” : Server1 (or empty)

Check on one or more checkboxes from the results shown and a performance graph will be rendered.
Scroll/wipe to the right or left to see this graph.


2-10-2011 8-53-26 AM


3.3 Showing Dashboard:

Go back to the main menu to look at the dashboard feature.
Press on the “Dashboard”  button.
Select one (or more) widgets to display.
Scroll/wipe to the right or left to see the widget output.


2-10-2011 9-00-24 AM



4. That’s it.


Enjoy your SCOM phone 7 app and please let me know if needed more assistance and any feedback is welcome !!


Michel Kamp

Phone 7 SCOM console reached the 256 downloads

5 Jan

Begin 2011 I published the first and only Native SCOM console for the Phone 7 platform. However I never received any suggestions or problem reports I see the app is still downloaded and used.

See APP HUB download graph below.



Call out for anyone using this app ! Please let me know what you like or don’t like using this app !!

Download link for the SCOM console Phone 7:

Detailed configuration info :