Computer property Organizational Unit is Empty

30 Oct


The problem:


For a show case I had to make a group based on the computer OU. I ‘m using SCOM 2016 and had installed only the basic out of the box MPs.

I noticed that the Organizational Unit property was empty. Hmm why ? do I miss a MP doing this ??


The investigation:


So first I searched for a discovery filling this property. It is internal id is named : Microsoft.SystemCenter.DiscoverWindowsComputerProperties

See here :

Next I had a look at the datasource and took out the PS script part.

See here :

I opened a ISE on that server and copied the script into the editor.

Changed the initial params as :

#param($SourceType, $SourceId, $ManagedEntityId, $ComputerIdentity)







And executed the script. And I got a error indicating that the $computer was empty. Searched and i noticed that the $ADSISearcher.Filter  is incorrect so the computer object isn’t populated from LDAP.


it is  

$ADSISearcher.Filter = ‘(&(DNSHostName=’ + $strDNSComputerName + ‘)(Name=’ + $strNetBIOSComputerName + ‘)(objectClass=computer))’;

but should be 

$ADSISearcher.Filter = ‘(&(DNSHostName=’ + $strDNSComputerName + ‘)(Name=’ + $strNetBIOSComputerName + ‘)(objectClass=computer))’;

So it’s a bug 😉



Till the responsible Microsoft team isn’t going to fix this you will have to make you own discovery workflow to fill this property.

Hope this helps


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