[FOR the MP Devs] Grooming your managed objects completely from scom

8 Feb


I some situations when you are developing a new MP you want to be sure that your discovery’s are working correctly.

The problem

Normally you would let the discovery run and watch if the managed object is created, but after the first time discovering and un-discovering the managed object it could trick you for the next discovery.

Basically we as MP devs know that we can simply manual delete a managed object from scom by using a SQL query and set the isDeleted to true. But this can be tricky. If the discovery workflow runs again and create a managed object (the same) it will just update the isDeleted to False. So basically you are getting ‘old’ discovery data. Knowing this in some cases the configuration is not updated and the workflows under this managed object just won’t get executed. So you will be stuck in having an uninitialized managed object(s). Especially when using Managed objects that are managed by a scom resource pool can be facing this issue.


Two solution could help you out. (ALL UNSUPPORTED BY MICRSOSOFT, but yhea … no guts no glory)

  1. Wait 2 days … then the normal purge will kick in
  2. Modify the purging threshold and manual run the purge

The SQL script below provides step 2. Connect to the operational DB as admin and follow the steps.

Before you run it you will have to change ‘vcenterlab.contoso.com‘ to the first parent name you want to delete. (By not including the right % in the like) In this case it’s the parent of all VMWARE monitoring managed objects.

— Delete a managed object completely from scom


— Michel Kamp


————- Find the object

from dbo.BaseManagedEntity where FullName like

————- delete it (hmmm okay mark it as delete)

update dbo.BaseManagedEntity set IsDeleted=1 where FullName like

— object is still in DB but now as isdeleted = true

— it will be deleted after 2 days. but we don’t want to wait.

— we force the delete by setting the purgedate delta to 0

————- Update the purge date time function

FUNCTION [dbo].[fn_DiscoveryDataPurgeThreshold]()



    –RETURN DATEADD(dd, -2, getutcdate())

DATEADD(dd, 0, getutcdate())


— now we call the purge stp to clean it all

————- do the real purge

exec p_DiscoveryDataPurging

— we do a check if it is gone.

————- Find the object

from dbo.BaseManagedEntity where FullName like

— and there should not be any (0) result.

— End script

O don’t forget to change the DiscoveryDataPurgeThreshold back to its original when you are ready …


Michel Kamp




One Response to “[FOR the MP Devs] Grooming your managed objects completely from scom”

  1. Brian McD March 22, 2016 at 14:06 #

    Hi Michel,

    Could you please drop me a mail about this posting please?

    Many Thanks,


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