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Goodbye iPhone, hello my old friend

23 Dec

So yes I did it, seen it and done it! It all began with getting a new company car. This ‘state of the art’ electric car had a multimedia system that wouldn’t let me import the telephone contacts from my Lumina Windows phone. However the manufacture states it has to use a specific Bluetooth protocol and my Windows phone has it, it still wouldn’t work. So I was wondering if an iPhone was working. I borrowed an iPhone 5s from a collage. To keep this Bluetooth chapter part short “also the iPhone didn’t work”. So conclusion is the multimedia system isn’t as good as they say. But never less I was curious why everybody wanted an iPhone. So I decided to drop my windows phone and try the iPhone for a while. My kids have an iPad mini my wife an iPad 3 and I have (somewhere) an old iPad 1. So I am not a noob on how the apple interface should work. Yes I must admit it has (for now) more apps in the store but the one’s I use daily where also on my windows phone. Yes the design is okay too. But NO to:

  • the battery live time , had several occasions it should had wake me up with the alarm but it didn’t because the battery was dead. Yes I charge it daily. My windows phone could easily stay up for an extra night without a charger. This due to the battery safe mode!
  • the user interface, I really can’t get used to the interface. Yes I am a Windows guy so maybe that’s the problem, I also had problems with the MAC OS when I tried that for a while. I really LOVE the windows phone Metro interface. It’s fresh and giving me a one eye shot of the most important information I want to see. Especially the notification center (thank you Microsoft) is a winner. (tip for Microsoft: next time release it with the first windows phone version you release)
  • drop proof, I have accidentally dropped my windows phone several times on the floor. I could pick it put and continue without any damage. Looking at the iPhone i would never never try this out..
  • working better together, Yes I am a Microsoft guy, I work daily with Microsoft products. A Windows Phone just integrates better with my Windows computer on working / sharing documents and data. Yes I know for example OneDrive is available for the iPhone, I tried it but it was not working as expected. And yes I know probably not due to the iPhone but probably due to the app, but I (and you) must admit: would Apple release an Apple app for the Windows Phone? So good job Microsoft to also provide native apps on other platforms.

After 2 months using the iPhone my hands began to sweat and I was going to be more and more wising my old Windows phone back. Yesterday after 3 month of trying the iPhone at daily base I made my mind up and concluded the iPhone wasn’t made for me. I gave it a fair change but YES YES finally I have my Windows Phone back!!


Happy SCOMING Windows Phone’ing,

Michel Kamp