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xSNMP for SCOM 2012

31 Oct


In the SCOM 2007 age we had a fantastic network management pack called xSNMP. Not only because it was free but also because it covered a lot of network devices that even now aren’t covered in SCOM 2012. But what happened ….

The Problem

SCOM 2012 was introduced and contained a brand new way to monitor network devices. This indirectly replaced the complete SNMP stack out of SCOM. Well not the complete SNMP stack but the discovery process was changed and not compatible with the old SNMP stack. I am not going into details if this is a good or bad thing but for the xSNMP mps it was RIP…. (as far as you didn’t do a SCOM 2012 upgrade)


.. or not …. I decided to take a couple of xSNMP MPs and redesign it to work in SCOM 2012.

For now I have changed the APC mp. Also the same for the Brocade MP and this one is now in the testing phase.
Since the complete xSNMP mps are community free I will share the compiled mps also for free. The source code I share later on.

Reminder: All the credits go to the original xSNMP devOps. I only redesigned it to work with SCOM 2012. So if it breaks down your environment don’t knock on my door ;-)))

You can download the MPs here:


Michel Kamp