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Reading out PS NoteProperty’s

6 Nov



How do i read out the IsManagementServer property on the example below ??

$X= Get-SCOMClass -Name “Microsoft.SystemCenter.ManagementServer” | Get-SCOMMonitoringObject

The output is:

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].AuthenticationName :

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].MaximumQueueSize : 104857600

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].MaximumSizeOfAllTransferredFiles : (null)

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].RequestCompression : True

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].CreateListener : True

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].Port : 5723

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].IsRHS : True

[Microsoft.SystemCenter.HealthService].IsManagementServer : True


Now I want to get the IsManagementServer value


But it Fails


But it Fails

How do I read it out ??


Running the command below..

$x | GM

pointed out it was a noteproperty


So since its using [] i have to use ” to make a string of it

So the correct syntax would be


Happy Scomming

Michel Kamp

Starting blogging again

6 Nov


Maybe you noticed that I didn’t post no more for a couple of month.


Yes I bought a new home. Knipogende emoticon  So I had to renovate it all. It took(and still takes) a lot of time. But I will try to post regular again.

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1) do not buy a new home ! it will save you time…

2) stop blogging. …. not a option

3) start again if you have time … hmmm

I prefer #3. Knipogende emoticon

Happy scomming soon

Michel Kamp