Mr. SCOM, don’t play Hide and Seek with views and Mp’s !

7 Oct

Hi , a short post on how to find the management pack where a view is stored.


You see a view in the operations console. And you want to know in what MP this view is stored.


1) You could export all MPs and text search for the view display name. This will give you the language display element. And the file containing is the MP you are looking for. But you will probably see multiply matches returned because view display names aren’t unique.

2) We could simply open the native console and use the search feature. Type in the view name you search for and whala… Look at the Management Pack field and you have the answer. Two things about his: (1) it’s a flat list so difficult to overview (2) it’s a way to easy solution for me ; –)


2) So … Use a mix of c# and PowerShell to solve this. Since we don’t have a OM12 PowerShell get-views. We have to be creative. And this is the way I like it… Open PowerShell on the OM2012 server. And copy and paste the script below. Change the parameter $viewdisplayname with the view display name you are looking for. You can use PowerShell wildcards. And run it. You will then see a grid view with all the found matches. It also returns the folder that’s contains the view. Using the filter option of the grid view you can now quickly find the correct view.

# Load the Assemblies
$Script:MG = New-Object Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ManagementGroup($rms)
$views = $MG.Presentation.GetViews() | where { $_.DisplayName -like $viewdisplayname } | Select-object @{Name = ‘ViewName’;  expression ={ $_.DisplayName}},@{Name = ‘folder’;  expression ={ $_.GetFolders()[0].DisplayName}},@{Name = ‘Mp_Name’;  expression ={ $_.ManagementPackName}}
$views | out-gridview

The End.

Next week I will try to do a post on how to extend SCOM locations so you can now display a target on the overview world map instead of only a web availability target.. And even integrate it on a Bing interactive map with a SCOM 2012 widget…


One Response to “Mr. SCOM, don’t play Hide and Seek with views and Mp’s !”

  1. Anonymous November 27, 2013 at 14:20 #

    Hi Mike,

    Good Article.. Thanks for posting.
    I have a question, can we merge the views ? for eg: can i have Monitor & State view merge together and show in SCOM console ? is this possible ? if possible can you shed some light on the same to achieve ?


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