SCOM DWH aggregations process takes all your disk space

2 Apr

Short post on a very strange issue I solved this week. The DWH database was taking all the log space it could take. I some cases , when you have a lot of aggregations waiting due to a state change burst this would be normal. So you add some extra log space to the DWH and remove it after the processing has succeeded. But this time it was hungry and took 80GB+ on log space. So my alarm bells went on this is for sure not normal.


I opened SQL Server management studio and executed the query below. This query shows me the free log space / database.

— transaction usage info
DBCC SQLPERF(logspace)

The output was showing that the log of the DWH database was 100% used. Okay no real new news we knew this already.

Now we must look why .

We check if the database is in simple mode. This is the default setting for the SCOM DWH. And yes this is configured correctly. So since a simple mode DB releases the log pages when the transaction is completed(committed or roll backed) it must be that a transaction isn’t completed or will never be.

Lets lookup this open transaction(s)

Execute SQL below to see the open transactions:

— open trans , if status =2 trans is still open

It returned over 60K on rows with status 2. So now we are sure its caused by a open transaction. So find out the guilty process causing this never closed transaction.

Execute SQL below to get the process:

— if process spid is given. Or if no spid is shown but a last old LSN is shown. look at the replication

The output was really not what I expected :

Transaction information for database ‘OperationsManagerDW’.
Replicated Transaction Information:
Oldest distributed LSN : (0:0:0)
Oldest non-distributed LSN : (4881975:876:1)

Hmm strange we should see this form of result , showing the process SPID causing this transactions:

Transaction information for database ‘OperationsManagerDW’.

Oldest active transaction:
    SPID (server process ID): 76
    UID (user ID) : -1
    Name          : user_transaction
    LSN           : (250110:77:2)
    Start time    : Apr  2 2012 11:38:30:477AM
    SID           : 0x010500000000000515000000f848abc31e7f1b2ca574174c53040000
DBCC execution completed. If DBCC printed error messages, contact your system administrator.


Good readers should have noticed the words “Replicated Transaction Information” in the results. Hmm but I don’t use replication!! Even when I used SQL Server Management Studio to check the replications it did not show any repl. configuration.

After some Bing work I found the system stored procedure to force delete any replication configurations. So I executed the SQL below:

— remove all replication. now the transaction log truncated
sp_removedbreplication @dbname = ‘OperationsManagerDW’

And what do you think ? Yes problem solved. All log space is returned !!

Check it by running the DBCC LOGINFO again and you will see its almost around 0%.



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